Night in Nottingham

As Billy is away for his actual birthday we decided to celebrate on Thursday; we booked Chapel Bar Premier Inn as a couple of friends had recommended it. I would definitely stay there again, the room met all my expectations; the bed is super comfortable and the rooms are reasonably cheap. For one night the room cost £64, considering the hotel was right in the middle of Nottingham I thought this was good.

Once we got to Nottingham we found the hotel, unfortunately there was no parking available. We was worried we wouldn’t find anywhere to park however if you go straight past the hotel about two minuets down the road (on the right) there is a 24 hour car park. We was parked there for just over 12 hours, this cost about £15, which I thought was ok and cheaper than getting the train. After getting parked checked into the hotel we started getting ready as the table was booked for quarter to eight and we didn’t know our way around Nottingham we decided to leave earlier but we also needed to make time for a selfie or seven because we love a good picture!

I spent three days trying to find the best restaurant for us to go to, I came across George’s Great British Kitchen. After looking at the menu I decided we had to go! I love food and drinks–especially cocktails–that’s why after seeing that the restaurant serves cocktails with candy floss in them that the restaurant was for us. I really wanted to surprise Billy for his birthday but because I was traveling with him I was unable to bring a cake, I emailed the restaurant prior to going to explain this to them.

Before getting to the restaurant we tried using Google maps to find our way there, after 20 minutes of walking around we realised we were lost! Not sure how we couldn’t use the map because they are easy, Billy got super impatient and then got a bit aggy–I found it funny and laughed. He asked a couple of people to direct us to the restaurant and when we finally got there we realised we walked straight past it. We was a bit late on arrival but I rang them before to let them know we had gotten lost, once we got there we was taken upstairs. The restaurant is set out super cute, our table was in the corner and the lighting is kinda dark which makes it romantic. Our waitress was lovely and we had the same one all night which I liked. The menus were like newspapers.


It didn’t take me long to pick what drink I was having, the candy floss cocktail of course. Billy isn’t a big drinker but because it was for his birthday he went for a double vodka and coke.



We ordered the food and oh my, it was amazing! I had a schnitzel burger with sweet potato fries and Billy got a rare steak with chips and onion rings. I couldn’t eat all of mine; the burger was insane but Billy demolished his and I tried some of the steak it was very tasty.

After we finished our food, the waitress brought out a desert that said Happy Birthday in cream and sprinkles, the waitress and I sang Happy Birthday and Billy’s face was brill he went all shy and was so surprised… It was good to see because he is forever trying to make me smile so seeing him happy was the best part of the night. This is one of the reasons I would go back to this restaurant again because they made Billy’s night special for him which was lovely!! The meal was £70 for a cocktail, three double vodka and cokes and two meals we also tipped. I think this is a good price and I would 100% recommend this restaurant to everyone.

After the meal we tried to find a cocktail bar called Curious Manor, we obviously got lost again but this time Billy saw the funny side. The bar was Alice in Wonderland themed, which I loved. There is a tree right in the centre of the bar and the floor is made from artificial grass. I love finding places which are different to others.

Billy continued drinking his double vodka and cokes and I had a Porn star–it’s my favourite drink–I just wish they weren’t £8.50 every time, else I would drink them all night. They don’t even taste like alcohol, wish I were drinking one right now!

After a couple of drinks in the bar, we decided to walk back to the hotel, yet again we didn’t know where we were going so we just walked which ever way we thought was right. I love dancing on nights out and I can have one drink and want to dance all night. Billy decided he wanted to have a dance too so we just walked and if we heard loud music we walked where ever the music was coming from. The first place we went to was shit; there were people playing Xbox which I’ve never seen before in a club, so we left that place. I couldn’t tell you where we ended up, they were playing ok music so we decided we would stay there for a while. We danced lots ended up making friends with random people and it was such a good end to an already perfect night.

After a brilliant night out we slept like babies, the following day we got ready, got a Subway (my favourite is steak and cheese with all the salad–I also mix all of the drinks together because it tastes so good). We then left Nottingham and went home.

Once we got home I had another surprise for Billy, My little sister (Blaze) had blown up 100 balloons and put them in my room. He loved it and smiled lots, me, Blaze and Billy played in the balloons for an hour before we got bored and was unsure how to make them all go away.

We had such a good time away for his birthday and later that night we all sang happy birthday to him and ate chocolate cake. I love going away with someone I know I’m going to have fun with. We laughed, got drunk, ate brilliant food and danced lots, what more can you ask for?!

Make sure when you go away that you always make light of a situation, even when you get lost three times in one night. Laugh loads and go with someone that makes everything fun, find unique places to go and try a Porn stars because they are incredible!



Woburn safari park

Right my blog will mainly be about fitness however I’ve decided to also blog about some of the fun things I do, I don’t do them very often but I’m going to try!

I got with Billy in October last year and when we started talking he said he was going to take me to the zoo, five months later and it happened! He’s a busy person so I’ll let him off. When he told me we was going to the zoo I was worried that we would argue because the only time we argue is when we are in the car, I don’t drive myself but I tell him how to drive when I think he’s doing things wrong. We didn’t actually argue, I accidentally shouted at him once but I’ll get to that.

The safari isn’t that far away from Boston (where I live, in England not America) the drive is good and not complicated. When we got there though the road into the Safari looked like something from the Wrong Turn and looked super dodgey but it does take you too the Site, you also get to see deer running around.

When we got there you can go straight in to the driving park. It feels so weird because the animals are just outside your car, feels like you’re in Africa but you’re not.

You can also book a VIP trip where the rangers take you around the Park, when with the rangers you can get up closer to all the animals however when you’re in your own car you can only stay on the road.  The trip around takes just over an hour, it’s really fun to see the animals roaming around and not stuck in cages!! Some animals are together however the Monkeys and the Tigers are kept in their own home.

When we got to the tiger enclosure I’ve never seen someone get so bloody excited, Billy loves big cats. When we got to the loins they were all sat together because it was raining. When we pulled up to see them Billy decided to open my window I’m pretty sure this is against the rules so I kinda had a go but I was worried that the lions would get excited and run up to the car. I was being a massive baby!!

Once the Safari part was finished we pulled up and had a photo shoot in the car, we love a good selfie so we took quite a few.


I was starving, so we went to the restaurant I’ll be honest it was pretty shitty looking and was freezing, I’m unsure what I was expecting but it wasn’t the best. The food wasn’t brilliant either I got an egg sandwich and Billy got a baguette (that he ate with ketchup, rank). I can say one good thing about the food is they had sausages on a stick with some sort of seasoning on them oh my they were super nice!

The gift shop is over priced, I personally wouldn’t buy anything from there but if families with children wanted to buy something then for one teddy you’re looking at around a tenner.

The best part of the trip for me was the paddle boat, this was because it was cold and spitting but me and Billy had so much fun! We laughed loads and when we was paddling away it started pissing it down But we still stayed on the lake for a bit because we was laughing so much.

I would definitely recommend going to the Safari and it doesn’t matter if you go on a cold rainy day if you go with someone you love spending time with and laugh wherever you are!!


Sunday, before the new me

Sundays are usually for laying around eating shitty foods and being lazy, I am no exception. I have been to the zoo today though but later I am ordering a pizza! Tomorrow isn’t a lazy day, tomorrow is the start of the better me, I am going to try harder at the gym and I am going to change my diet completely.

I have been researching about diets and its so confusing to know what diets are actually good and work! I have zero patience… When I’ve been on a diet for a day I expect to look the way I want the day after however I’ve come to realise that this isn’t what happens and its most likely going to take at least a couple of weeks for me to even notice a difference.

I have decided to base my diet around protein, this is because I want my body to become more toned. I am also going to eat four small meals a day so that my body doesn’t become hungry. Honestly I have no clue if this will work but I figured if boys do this in their diets when they are trying to gain muscle surly it will work for me.

Foods high in protein

  • Chicken (boys are forever talking about eating chicken and rice when they are trying to bulk)
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Wheat
  • Eggs

I have also heard people talk about a company called ‘My Protein’ these people swear by the products they purchase from this company. I’ll try these products and will review them honestly.

I am also going to try new work outs that I haven’t done before, and talk about these. I have decided to try running; which I actually bloody hate and can only do for about 2 minuets, I am also so unfit so I just know how much I’m going to hate it.

Swimming I’m going to give ago, I want a flat stomach and have heard that swimming is good for this. I’m going to feel super uncomfortable in a bikini and I don’t even own one but I have bet Billy (me boyfriend) a fiver that I can do more lengths than him, I’m definitely going to win!

Tonight I am going to measure myself and take before pictures, this will allow me to see if my diet and work outs are working. As I only want to tone stepping onto the scales isn’t a reliable way of knowing if its working for me.

I’ll write down all the work outs and all the food I eat, hopefully I will find work outs that will encourage me to carry on so I can soon feel more confident. Whoever reads my blog I am hoping it will allow you to try new things and take tips from the work outs I try.


The start to a better me

Hi everyone

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now however haven’t had a good idea of what to post about; I’m not a ‘girly girl’ so doing reviews on makeup just wouldn’t be my thing. I have been feeling a lack of confident lately and thought that starting the gym and eating right would boost this, then I though why not blog about it! Most people worry about their weight and want to have the best body, I’m not over weight however I am just not comfortable in myself and I think that is important. “Confidence is key!” 

So I am going to blog about how I will gain confidence and feel the best I can about myself. I hope whoever reads this will,  one find it interesting and two,  will help those who also lack confidence to know that everyone feels low about themselves you just have to do anything you can to pick yourself back up and be the best you can.